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The Drama Game File
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Product Description
The Drama Game File 2nd Edition Companion Notebook
The Printable Pages From the CD-ROM
Curriculum Program for Arts and Literacy, PreK-12
Item# 7705

Designed as a companion to the 2nd edition CD-ROM, this durable and portable coil-bound book contains the 250 printable pages from the CD-ROM (which contains more than twice as much additional material.) All pages are printed, page-numbered, and organized in 10 sections with plastic poly tabs. No computer is needed to gain instant access to the 101 lesson plans, visual aids, glossary, 92 sample classes, and cross-indexing by drama skills, theatre arts categories, school subjects, multiple intelligences, and all grade levels.

This book saves the time and money of printing from the CD-ROM. The practical design includes a CD-sleeve to keep the disc and book safely together for storage or travel, a rear pocket for supplements and teacher notes, and a durable and flexible plastic cover and back to protect the book's contents. The smooth coil-binding protects pages from loss and easily flips around for holding or photo copying.

Bonus material not found on the CD-ROM includes a full-color visual tour of the curriculum with teaching ideas, Quick-start setup guide for the CD-ROM, teaching tips for each section, and summary lists of all available choices in the six sets of Character Cards.

*Sold separately only to licensed users of the 2nd Edition CD-ROM. To purchase the book separately, use the book order form with licensing verifcation. 1st edition CD-ROM users must purchase the 2nd edition to be eligible to purchase the book separately. Learn what's new in the 2nd edition.

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Teacher Training by Video Conference          $150.00
Product Features
• 250 printable pages from the CD-ROM printed and organized
• Durable and flexible plastic cover and back protect the contents
• Smooth coil-bind for easy turning and holding; never lose a page
• 10 durable plastic tabs organize each section: overview, 101 games, visual aids, glossary, resources, drama skills, drama categories, school subjects, multiple intelligences, and grade levels
• CD-sleeve for safe storage and travel; keep CD and book together
• Rear pocket for supplements and teacher's notes
Product Details
Dimensions: 11.25"L x 10"W x 1"H
Shipping Weight: 3lbs
ISBN-13: #978-0-9792893-1-6
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  Book Features
Book Contents: Tab Intro Pages (10 in the book)

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PDF Tours


A visual tour of the contents and features of The Drama Game File 2nd Edition CD-ROM.

Includes teacher tips on how to use the curriculum from both a teacher and administrator point-of-view.

The pages in this tour are from the Overview section of the Companion Notebook.

Complete Kit Tour

A visual tour of the contents and features of The Drama Game File 2nd Edition Complete Kit (CD/Book/Cards).

Includes an overview of the program, intended users, product features, benefits of drama/theatre, pricing, packages, and staff development training.

Ideal for teachers and administrators to better understand the program and the different pricing options available.

Permission is granted to download and show these PDF tours to other teachers, administrators, or interested parties. The documents are copyright protected and may not be altered in any way.
Free Samples From The Drama Game File
Finish the Phrase   A sample of the 101 lesson plans
Philosophy   Printout of the teaching philosophy of drama games
Definitions   Printout of the definition of drama education
Benefits   One-page summary of benefits of drama education
Why Drama Games?  Research-based and practical rationale for using drama games as an educational strategy

Legal Notice: These sample pages are copyright protected and may not be altered, reformatted, distributed, or copied in any way. Permission is granted to use the sample pages so long as copyright notices and proprietary information remain intact. By downloading any of the free sample pages, you agree to abide by these conditions.

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The Drama Game File Curriculum Program

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Why drama games?


"The New Viola Spolin for the 21st Century! Ideal for classroom teachers, university students, and recreation leaders. We've adopted The Drama Game File at Northwestern as a text for our theatre students and future teachers with great results. All the makings of an indispensable instant classic."

–Rives Collins
Chair of Theatre Department
Northwestern University

"Makes challenging material more understandable and engaging to students of diverse backgrounds and abilities. I highly recommend the program as core curriculum for teacher preparation and professional growth programs."

–Dr. Linda Purrington Director, Master of Arts in Education and Teacher Credential Program
Pepperdine University

"A wonderful tool for applying current brain research to the classroom.  These outstanding games generate the emotion and attention that create an optimal state of learning."

–Dr. Sherry Kerr
Adjunct Professor, UCLA
National consultant in brain research and arts education


"Great for English Learners, Special Ed., and gifted students. This program improves all students' vocabulary, fluency, reading, and writing."

–Esther Kim, Principal
156th Street Elementary

"An excellent resource! The clear directions and dynamic photos help any teacher use arts instruction in all subjects."

–Connie Covert, Arts Advisor
Public Schools in Los Angeles

"Teacher friendly and easy to implement. Great strategies and techniques for all grades. Unique, effective, and fun!"

–Irina Evangelista,
Literacy Coach
Norwood Elementary

Drama Teachers

"The best curriculum I have seen in more than 25 years teaching high school drama! It is an amazing synthesis of a lifetime of top-quality theatre training, performing, teaching, and research. Ideal for beginning and veteran drama teachers of middle school and high school."

–Ruben Van Kempen
Roosevelt HS, Seattle
Named one of the top ten theatre programs in America

""This outstanding program is one of the best I have seen in 20 years teaching drama at all grade levels.  Non-theatre elementary teachers can succeed using the great integration ideas, teacher talk, and classroom management. "

–Beverly (Burnside) Johnson Texas Teacher of the Year

"I am not at all computer literate, but this CD-ROM is so easy to use.  I love how each game is written so clearly with everything I need to know from set up to evaluation.  Great connections to arts standards, multiple intelligences, and all school subjects."

–Pam Fletcher
Hill County MS, Austin

Classroom Teachers

"Great for busy teachers with little planning time. I have used the games to motivate my students to read and write, develop comprehension skills, and teach science concepts."

–Kay Strenio, 1st grade

"The Drama Game File is empowering! I am instantly connected to a wealth of simple, creative, and effective ideas. A tremendous addition to the curriculum!"

–Kiffen Madden-Lunsford
3rd Grade

"My students gained confidence and improved their English language abilities. The games create a fun atmosphere for learning. They captivate and motivate students of all academic levels to experience success in the classroom!"

–Edie Lynn, 5th grade


"I felt all wobbly and gooey in Melting Tag.  It was so much fun!"

–Tiffany, 1st grade

"I like the Name Game because I change my voice, move my body, and use my mind."

–Brigitte, 2nd grade

"I am not shy anymore."

–Albert, 3rd grade

"Playing the games helped me after very sad times in my family.  I think drama could help anyone in need of happiness."

–Kathryn, 4th grade

"We express our emotions in a safe and enjoyable way."

–Jessica, 8th grade

"The games taught me skills that will be invaluable no matter what job I have."

–Sebastian, 12th grade

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